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dance with those lions [userpic]
BSG landcomm
twelvecolonies is back!

It's a community where you are sorted into a team and you can enter various BSG-related challenges (writing, graphics, games, etc.)

If you join, tell them that I sent you! :)

Apply HERE.

joelthecat [userpic]
Zombie Fest 2012 Prompts are open!
April 8, the dead will rise at zombi_fic_ation

And yes, there is at least one prompt for this fandom, 'cause I submitted it! Mount the 50mm cannon on top of the car and let's write prompts!
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joelthecat [userpic]
2ndchancefanfic Sunday Challenge #1: relocation
2ndchancefanfic Sunday Challenge #1: relocation

Fanfiction, fanart and vids solicited. Deadline next Saturday at midnight. More details here.

BSG content highly desired.

spud66cat [userpic]
10 Battlestar Galactica icons

More here @ big_blue_bin

joelthecat [userpic]
New multifandom fanfic challenge community
Have you ever really liked the chemistry between two actors, but been utterly unable to ship their characters?

Then the Second Chance Fanfiction Comm (2ndchancefanfic) needs you!

Talented actors get more than one part, and fanfiction writers are nothing if not flexible. Here's the challenge: take a non-couple from Fandom A, one of which is played by an actor who plays a second character in Fandom B. Create an original character in Fandom B that exploits the talents of the other actor from Fandom A and write a story for the rest of us to enjoy.

The community hosts challenges and a prompt thread as well as allowing submissions that fit the guidelines. Fanart and vids are also welcome.

BSG content welcomed. One challenge is already available in the prompt thread. Come play with us!
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joelthecat [userpic]
Please somebody go fill my prompt
The Self-Cest meme on Dreamwidth has an open BSG prompt. I know this because I submitted it, and nobody is even looking at it. If the urge tickles you, please go write something, even if it's only a drabble.

** Feels petty for begging. **

joelthecat [userpic]
Anybody out there like writing or making graphics?

You like beautiful women in beautiful relationships? Including the ladies of BSG?

You like a little competition stirred in with all of this?

Then you need to go here and sign up for Femslash-land, a team-based interactive challenge community focused on love between women. Come have a look.

joelthecat [userpic]
Fic: Lying,NC-17,Roslin/Zarek
TITLE: Lying
AUTHOR: JoelTheCat
FANDOM: Battlestar Galactica 2003
PAIRING: Laura Roslin/Tom Zarek
PROMPT: any, any, warm clothing
SUMMARY: surviving the occupation of New Caprica
WARNINGS: Violence, reference to nonconsensual and tit-for-tat sex and a very wrong pairing :-)
With this pairing, "partner betrayal" and "unhappy ending" are canon, although the romance was not :-(
DISCLAIMER: not mine. no profit.
A/N: for promptathon #8 at older_not_dead

read warnings before you click
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Need, Take, Have [userpic]
Cap Size: 1280x720
Download Links @ capsanyone (post is members-only, join the comm, membership is open)

Eleonora [userpic]
20 icons
20 BSG icons for scifi20in20


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