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the irreverent ones

BSG Creative
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Please read the community info before you click "join".

This is a community for icons, fic, vids, and other creative whathaveyous inspired by the SCI FI series, Battlestar Galactica.

Our rules -- such as they are

* Membership is now open and unmoderated. Join away, folks.

This is a community for creative people to post their creative works; it is not a general comm. Please keep posts on-topic.

* If you're visiting for icons, unless stated otherwise by the original poster, you must give credit to the icon creator in your icon keywords/comments. Also, absolutely no hotlinking unless the original poster gives permission.

* You may not archive fic posted here without the author's express permission.

* Contests, fic-a-thons, challenges, etc. If you've got a creative content event you'd like publicised on our comm, please feel free to post. Though, please don't post more than once.

Community maintained by boofadil and themonkeycabal
Community lay out designed by aluminiumorange

* Other Stuff

For more BSG lj community goodness, we also recommend galacticanews, bsg_news, bsg_women

Other Fic Archives/Fic Sites

Octagonal Paper (they've also got a fantastic and extensive links section to even more archives, sites and coms here)
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